At Harmony Design Studios, we value our realtor partners and are committed to rewarding your collaboration through our Realtor Partner Program.

Realtor Partner Program

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At Harmony Design Studio, we value our realtor partners and believe in rewarding your trust and collaboration. Our Realtor Partner Program is designed to help you increase your earnings while providing your clients with exceptional interior design services.

Save Time

Our dedicated team offers comprehensive design services, ensuring your clients have a seamless and enjoyable experience. By referring clients to us, you can focus on your core business while we handle the design details from concept to completion.

Increase Profitability

We offer a straightforward referral fee for every client you refer who hires us for their interior design project. This program not only helps you earn extra income but also strengthens your reputation as a realtor who goes above and beyond for their clients.


At Harmony Design Studios, our clients come first, and we are fully dedicated to delivering a 5-star experience through our luxury home and interior remodel projects. To fulfill this promise, we partner with top professionals and offer flat referral fees to qualified Architects and Realtors who collaborate with us to achieve the renowned Harmony 5-star experience.

Register below to be considered for our Realtor Partner Program, or contact Tonya Slater to discuss details and explore potential collaboration.

Existing enrollees in our Realtor Partner Program can also submit new project opportunities below.


Referral Fee:

Earn a $1000 referral fee for each client who hires us for a remodeling project.

Minimum Project Requirement:

To ensure the program's viability, the referred remodeling projects must meet a minimum project value of $20,000.

How It Works:

  1. Refer a Client: Submit your client's information through our dedicated referral portal.
  2. Project Engagement: We consult with your client and begin their remodeling project once they hire us.
  3. Earn Your Referral Fee: Receive a $1000 referral fee for each successful referral.

Benefits for Realtors:

  • Additional Income: Increase your earnings with every successful referral.
  • Enhanced Client Relationships: Show your clients that you provide comprehensive support by connecting them with a trusted remodeling partner.
  • Effortless Process: We handle all the design and remodeling work, allowing you to focus on real estate.


Tolbert Realty Group

Ann Tolbert

Tolbert realty
KW Partners
Investor Specialist & Home Advisor


Crossfittin' Realtor

Trivon Thompson

Andrew Dyett & Associates
 Realtor & Property Manager

Karen Andrew Dyett

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