Selecting the Perfect Sofa for Your Home
Selecting the Perfect Sofa for Your Home

The Perfect Sofa

Choosing a sofa must be an easy task. If you think this statement is true, then this article is surely going to give you second thoughts. Though, no need to worry, we don’t want to ruin your expectations by making it sound too difficult. This is an easy-to-go guide to help you understand why it is crucial to be aware of the know-how before investing in a sofa.

There are a few aspects that you should be looking for before investing in furniture. Comfort and looks aren’t necessarily the only thing to look for, however, side by side we’re here to direct you with some pro tips which can prove to be a blessing in disguise while making the decision.

A comfy sofa can give the best feeling there is, when at home. However, choosing the right one isn't easy of a task as it may seem. A sofa should be something which is relaxing and stylish. It might sound too simple.

We certainly don't want to rain on your parade, but while you make your decision of purchasing a sofa, we want to help you with pro tips to keep you from buyer's remorse. We jotted down four major ways to assess before you go out to select that perfect sofa. Grab your notebook and measure tape and let's get started!

Shape and Size - Be assertive in knowing that you have chosen a piece that is going to fit your space dimension. The size of your room and the kind of shape that will elevate your style. This is going to save yourself from the hassle of returning furniture. It is very upsetting to find out that the sofa you fell in love with did not fit well in your room or it took too much space to distinguish room features. Measure your room, the space where the sofa will accommodate, and the entire layout of the area. Sense the vibe of the room and shop according to the flow, something that looks great and fits well too.

Pro tip: Use painter’s tape to outline the dimensions of your perfect sofa and see how the room feels.

Objective - Do your homework before getting on to buy the right sofa. The objective behind using a sofa is; where it needs to be placed, the number of times it will be of use and who will be using it, and the feel you want to have while sitting on it. This perspective helps you plan on the actual aim of placing a sofa and the reason for getting it. Whether it is for being a spot for watching TV with family and kids, or a formal living room where guests occasionally come over. All things should be considered practically.

Pro tip: Sit on the sofa and check. Try it before buying. Look at the craftsmanship, follow with queries about filling, underside, lean on the arm, or any creaking sounds. Be confident while testing it out before you choose.

Investment - Buying a sofa is certainly an investment. It comprises of all the big decisions that you need to make. This could be how big of a sofa you need and the type of features it offers. All these things add up to the cost. Be well prepared when starting to look for one. Research various brands, and designers and look at the fabric, quality, and shape you like and what you can accommodate in your budget. Don’t forget to note the delivery charges and shipping costs. For best deals, look for one during holiday and clearance sales, or might as well visit vintage shops for more inexpensive pieces.

Pro tip: Always look at the return policy before you make the payment. Sometimes, returns are only accepted if it is still in its packing. Therefore, don’t unwrap the sofa unless you are completely sure about it being the one.

Style - After all the considerations of the above-discussed criteria, now is the decision to choose what type of sofa you want. The aesthetic that you want for your look should be thought of. Is it to accommodate more people or prefer a cozy layout? Or is it a certain shape, pattern, or color you’d prefer? What style intrigues you, contemporary, mid-century modern, settee? Maybe a leather sofa, sofa bed, sectional sofa, or a recliner? Look at various options and consider every aspect to choose what will match your vibe.

Pro tip: The trending style of 2022 is geometric forms. If your preference is a unique shape sofa, then start sorting with some simplistic styles and slowly progressing to catchy indifferent ones to select your true fit.

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