Often, people have asked me, why interior design? I say, because it reflects life and my purpose to bring about positive change! 

Meet Tonya

Creating harmony one room at a time.

 I love the challenge of evolving a space that has been overlooked or forgotten by showing it some love with a fresh new look. When I'm able to create a beautiful space for a client and I see their responses full of immense joy, it feels as if I just won the lottery! It's the greatest reward I could ever receive. Interior design allows me to pursue my creative side keeping my soul young and vibrant.

My desire to design barrier-free spaces stems from my empathy for so many people with either a physical or pulmonary disease; my mom, several family members and a best friend who are most dear to my heart. These people inspired me to want to design spaces that allow people to not only love the beauty of their spaces, but to take pleasure in the functionality of them. 

Creating Harmony One Room at a Time

Harmony Design Studio offers a comprehensive design service creating luxury residential homes for discerning clients.

We truly believe that good quality design is life enhancing and deliver it in every project we undertake. Each project is seamlessly executed and beautifully finished.

Founded in 2017 we have been committed to delivering exceptional, comfortable and individually designed homes that give enduring pleasure. Led by our Design Director, Tonya Slater, having an experience of 22 years.

Tonya Slater has spent more than 22 years curating a diverse interior design spanning high-end residential, custom multi-residential interiors and corporate projects. The focus is on creating spaces that are sophisticated, refined and reflective of the client’s personality or brand.

Creating beautiful sustainable spaces

with the earth & your health in mind.

Elegance Is The Only Beauty That Never Fades

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Interior design


Environmental Harmony, Effortlessly Achieved

Tonya's Favorites

Favorite Food:

Growing up in the country, I'd have to say, fried okra, green beans, turnip/collard greens and potatoes (cooked pretty much anyway), granny Parks cornbread and my Mom's cat head biscuits! Oh, and I can't forget my granny Jewell's homemade sloppy joes!! Yummy! Unfortunately, I'll never get to eat any of them again, since they have all passed. 

Favorite Memory:

Besides the birth of my kids - I'd say, traveling to Costa - Rica and spending time with the indigenous people learning their culture.

Favorite Animal:


Favorite Dessert:

 Extra Dark Chocolate with cashew by HU

Favorite Activity:

Ecstatic Dancing - Being outdoors - reading - spending time with my grandbabies.


Eco-friendly Interior Designer.

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